This FAQ section will help answer some of your questions. If you need further assistance, please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Keeping this in mind. This site is for the purpose of building business and non profit organizations. For profit networking groups will be allowed to post events under the networking tab, but please add the sub category of membership required and first time free.


What is the area covered by the website calendar?

All posted events take place in Idaho.  Visitors will be able to separate by city, zip code or #hashtags. 

What is an Event?

An event creates an opportunity to raise money for charity or has educational value or social interaction or showcases our local talent or brings businesses together or highlights our historic treasures or is a cultural community event or all of the above. 

How much does it cost to post an event on your calendar?

There is no cost associated with posting events. It's FREE. We have only two rules. 1,) It must take place in IDAHO. 2.) It must have the appropriate registration information including membership costs if any.

Can I post a Private Event?

No. This website is for the public to enjoy. If the general public is invited to your private establishment (either free or with the purchase of a ticket with a non member fee listed) then those events are welcome. Private Club functions, Weddings, Birthday parties, etc are not posted here unless the event is open to public attendance. If you post it, they will all want a big piece of cake and you may not have that much cake.

When should I post my events?

We recommend that you post your event(s) as soon as you have finalized the details. With proper lead time your event posting is more effective. More people see it, more people can share it, more people can attend it. INSIDER TIP: When you post your events in advance other event planners can see what's coming up in the months ahead. They can avoid clashing with your event or they can schedule their event to work in conjunction with yours. It helps prevent two similar events from splitting the audience. Events posted less than 24 hours before the event starts are denied.

How do I post an event that re-occurs on several different days?

Submit the event as normal and in the description place the multiple date/time information and we'll take care of the rest.

What happens if I don't include a photo with my event?

Obviously, your event will not have an image associated with your event on this website, the space will be blank. Beyond that, when you share your event to social media. Social media sites will use our company logo as the default image. We like our logo but we much prefer to have your image visible. You can use the event's flyer, your business or organization logo, a photograph from last year's event, etc.

What if my event doesn't have a website?

Not a problem. You can use the weblink space for any or all of your social media pages or leave it blank. You can use up to 4 website links.

What is the VENUES & TAGS page about and how do I get my venue or event listed.

This page allows us to showcase the hundreds of venues, organizations and multi-venue events in Niagara County. Better explanations are listed in the Advertising tab. (not everything has a price) VENUE: Your venue can have a page on this website. Visitors can click on the venue name from inside a listed event. (A fantastic option if you want more traffic to your website) (A fantastic option if your organization does not have it's own website) TAGS: The Tag appears in the event listing and links several events together. Clicking the tag produces a list of all associated events regardless of category. Works similar to the VENUE page allowing visitors to find out more about the organizers. Contact us and we can set this up for you.