A FREE community service site dedicated to connecting people and promoting events. If you are an organizer of events for a networking group, a chamber of commerce, a non profit agency, we invite you to add your events to this page.  

Why My TRIBE? It stands for My Trusted Resource for Idaho Business Events.  As Idaho continues to attract new residents, the ability to increase one's "tribe" of influence and affluence grows. Everyone has a "tribe".  It is made up of one's most trusted circle.of influence. Some of my most trused business friends, I met attedning an event. I cannot imagine my life or career without them. The need for diverity and inclusion in business starts with broadening your ability to find new events to attend.   When was the last time you saw the after pictures of an amazing event on social media and thought, "I should have been in the room?". Just recently, i planned a 2 day event. I put lots of hours and work into it only to find out that another large event was only minutes away at the same time.  This had a direct affect on my attendance. My frustration led to looking for a way that all business events could be posted on a single site,

I have partnered with Molly Bradford, the deisgner of GatherBoard to create this state wide site to collectively promote all events relative to busieness and non profits.  I liked the technology and I look forward to seeing this site grow to being the "go to" for event promotion.

If you are hosting an event, take a few extra minutes and add your event to the site. When many organizations are promoting on the same site, organically all attendance will increase as visibility increases.

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Additional ways you can help:

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  • Visitors - take advantage of this free resource, find an event, register and attend.  Build your business and build your  brand.

Warmest regards,

Diane Bevan

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Idaho Business Events